The Taylor Swift trail continues in Denver today

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Taylor Swift's defense team digs into former DJ in cross-examination to kick off trial

When asked if she thinks Mueller got what he deserved, Swift said "I don't feel anything about Mr. Mueller". Mueller sued her for $3 million in damages and Taylor issued a countersuit for $1.

Swift said a photo sent by her liaison to Robert Call, general manager of the radio station where Mueller worked, showed the exact moment that Mueller groped her. In 2015, he sued in hopes of collecting $3 million in damages.

The trial began this week and will conclude with a jury of four women and two men deciding the outcome. Her mother told the court that since the incident at the Pepsi Center, the star has changed how she interacts with fans. Mueller claims his knuckles may have touched her ribs, well above where his arm is shown. "I had never dealt with something like this before", Swift said.

Swift's assistants testified in depositions that as soon as the photo session ended, the singer told everyone in the room about the incident.

The Grammy-winning artist plans to donate any money she obtains to "charitable organizations dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard".

He said that during the photo, which also included his girlfriend at the time, that his right hand, in a closed fist with his palm down, came into contact with Taylor's rib cage. She did not report the alleged assault to police at the time.

When asked why the front of her skirt wasn't lifted up, she replied, "Because my a** is located in the back of my body".

Swift said she didn't stop the meet-and-greets after Mueller left because she didn't want to disappoint a few dozen people who'd been waiting in line.

She held her hand up to demonstrate Mueller's hand allegedly grabbing onto her butt, and was very animated in explaining why Dent didn't see Mueller's hand allegedly touching her inappropriately.

Jurors have already heard testimony from Mueller, Swift's mother, Andrea, and Bell.

"The case remains underway in federal court in Denver".

Swift, one of the most powerful celebrities in the world, has been an everyday presence in this Denver courtroom.

She added she had not confronted the DJ or cancelled the event as she did not want to upset other fans who were there.

Mueller has denied the incident and claims claiming Swift's team called his bosses to complain about the incident and got him fired.

Call said he was "shocked" and "embarrassed" upon learning about the incident and anxious how it would reflect on the station. She also said that no one else could have groped her. Call concluded that he was lying and chose to fire him.

"'Mom, a guy just grabbed my (rear end) in the meet-and-greet, '" Andrea Swift said her daughter told her.

Andrea Swift acknowledged in court Wednesday that she sought to keep a lid on the encounter in order to protect her daughter.

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