The Internet Reacts To Valve's New Game Announcement


Valve Just Announced A New Game Shannon Grixti

Valve is calling the game as the Dota card game, however, most of the details regarding it are, for this moment up, for speculation and debate. It's a digital card game based around Dota 2. It's clear that this is an announcement based on Blizzard's success of Hearthstone and Bethesda's success of The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

According to Polygon, Artifact will incorporate some of the key mechanics of Dota 2, Valve's multiplayer online battle arena game that has teams of players fight for control of a map.

Recently, Valve shared that the transparency in Dota 2's matchmaking system, which helped players understand the algorithm better, has inspired the company to improve the discoverability on its Steam platform. There was, however, also an equaled cheering and clapping squad, ready to appreciate whatever game Valve was announcing (presumably just because Valve was announcing something new).

However, broadcaster Sean "Day9" Plott said that neither is the game Half-Life 3, nor it is a re-release or an improvised version of some existing games like Counter Strike: Go or Dota 2. Here's everything we know so far. Creature cards can be played and certain cards will persistent effects on lanes. It has not, however, released a new game since the VR minigame collection The Lab in 2016. Although it does not show any gameplay, we do get to see its shiny new logo.

Development of Artifact is being led by ex-Double Fine developer Brad Muir who tweeted that he was excited for fans to get their hands on the game.

Digital card games seem to be the rage these days.

I can't say I'm overflowing with anticipation for this Artifact card game, but neither is my cup running over with bile about Valve not dancing to my tune.

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