See how renovations at the White House are progressing

J. Scott Applewhite  AP

J. Scott Applewhite AP

Crews are working to replace the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, a White House official told reporters last week.

Trump says he is on a "work vacation" while the White House undergoes repairs.

President Donald Trump left the White House on August 4 and headed to his golf resort in New Jersey for a 17-day working vacation, while a White House crew immediately got to work on the West Wing, reports The New York Times.

Deputy White House press secretary Lindsay Walters said the temperature control systems are functionally 81 years old, since they are used all the time in the capital, which gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

The project at the West Wing includes work on the Oval Office.

With Trump on Vacation, a Sprucing Up for the West Wing
While Trump's away, 'much-needed' White House renovations begin

Donald Trump has been cleared out of the Oval Office - though not in the way MSNBC anchors might wish.

Workers were also seen touching up steps on the South Lawn - cranes overhead - as carpets were removed from the West Wing. His advisers have temporarily moved to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building - adjacent to the White House.

The White House improvements were approved during the Obama administration after an initial round of renovations were completed.

Trump had been set to arrive in New York City Sunday to hold "internal meetings" at Trump Tower for two days. The White House was built in the 1790s, burned in 1814 and reconstructed in 1817.

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