Russian Federation: new European Union sanctions over Siemens turbines violate worldwide law

EU Blacklists Six Russians Over Turbines to Crimea

EU Expands Sanctions against Russia over Delivery of Siemens Turbines to Occupied Crimea

The EU also said the blacklisted companies include Siemens' two Russian contractors that moved the turbines.

The new tightening came in response to the delivery of Siemens' gas turbines to Crimea in violation of European Union sanctions, which bar doing business there since Russia's annexation of the peninsula from Ukraine, a move which has not been internationally recognized. It said Topor-Gilka led negotiations with Siemens to acquire the gas turbines that eventually were illegally diverted to Crimea.

As the European Union has introduced new sanctions against Russia over the Siemens scandal, it continues to oppose anti-Russian sanctions imposed on Moscow by Washington. Earlier sanctions by the European body had barred doing business in Crimea.

The Russian foreign ministry has expressed "deep regret" over Brussels' decision to expand the anti-Russian sanction list.

"This decision contributes to the establishment of independent power supplies to the Crimea and Sevastopol, which supports their separation from Ukraine and undermines Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence", the report says.

The European Council said those sanctioned will be subject to a travel ban and a freeze of assets held in the EU.

It said in a statement Friday that the turbines were sold to Russia by German electricity giant Siemens for use on Russian territory. The plants have been partially built, but have been created to operate with gas turbines made by a Siemens subsidiary.

A recommendation to send high-tech tank-killing weapons to Ukraine to help in its fight against Russian Federation is now at the White House, three USA officials told NBC News.

On July 28, Moscow announced countermeasures in response to the U.S. sanctions bill and to the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic staff from the United States in late 2016.

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