Overwatch Rocks the Beach with Summer Games 2017 Trailer and Skins Reveal

The Overwatch Summer Games 2017 is coming

BLIZZARD COUNTDOWN The Overwatch Summer Games 2017 is coming

The Summer Games 2017 event of "Overwatch" is now online, adding seven new legendary skins to the game.

Six new skins are available to unlock for 3000 credits for this year's celebration.

That's not all you can get back to dressing up the Overwatch heroes, with Widowmaker slipping into something a little more comfortable, Soldier 76 embracing the heat and taking over cooking duties in true Dad 76 style, Sombra going snorkeling and McCree donning his lifeguard gear (his lanyard says "HIGH TIDE").

While Lucio Ball returns with a new arena in Sydney, Australia and leaderboards, players can now participate in Competitive matches.

You can play a variety of Olympic games with Overwatch characters, including soccer, basketball, track and field and more. The new epic skins can be purchased for 750 credits, rare cosmetic items for 225 credits, and common cosmetic items for 75 credits.

A new year of Summer Games means a new year of summer outfits. There is also a change implemented to Lucio's ultimate for Lucioball: last year, the ultimate pulled the ball towards the player, but this year, the ultimate will grant more speed and better jumping abilities to Lucio for a limited amount of time.

This year's event will include eight new sprays and five of them will be related to Lucioball mode.

Competitive has its own Match Making Ranking system and the top 500 players in the world will receive a special spray for ruling competitive.

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