Omarosa's Appearance at NABJ Didn't Go Well; She Clashed with Ed Gordon

Omarosa Manigault spars with panel at black journalist convention


(L-R) Panel moderator Edward Gordon, White House aide Omarosa Manigault, Cheryl Dorsey and Arthur Reed at the National Association of Black Journalists convention in New Orleans. At one point, Gordon and Manigault-Newman both stood and paced the stage, talking each other down face-to-face.

In response, Mr. Gordon began to walk closer to her. Ms. Manigault-Newman, who had been seated, stood up and walked across the stage and said Mr. Gordon was being "aggressive".

Mr. Gordon also asked Ms. Manigault-Newman about what she told the president after his remarks on Long Island.

"I fight on the front lines every day", Manigault-Newman said, prompting gasps of disbelief from people in the audience.

The pair ended up in a volatile exchange because Gordon wanted to talk about Trump. "Ask questions about me or my father and brother". "I don't disclose confidential conversations", said Manigault, who's the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison for the Trump administration. When asked about her work with the Department of Justice on policing issues, Manigault-Newman responded, "Google me".

Several journalists who were scheduled to be on the panel pulled out of the event after Ms. Manigault-Newman was added. "Next question." Trump had earlier said police officers should not be "nice" to people when they were detaining.

"She was going around telling Sean Spicer not to call on me [during press conferences]", she said.

Nevertheless, question turned to the Trump administrations policies, including efforts by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to revive the war on drugs and "broken windows" policing.

She said that part of the problem is an unwillingness of activists to come to the table. She maintained she was working on the issue of police brutality in the Trump administration.

However, some attendees turned their backs on her as she sat down for the panel moderated by BET journalist Ed Gordon that included Philando Castile's mother Valerie Castile and Alton Sterling's aunt Sandra Sterling.

Her personal life was marred by tragedies.

According to HuffPost, minutes later, when NABJ President Sarah Glover tried to explain why Manigault-Newman had been invited in the first place, the reality show star appeared to blow a kiss to someone in the audience. She also reportedly slammed the audience for always assuming the worst about Trump.

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