Newborn girl found abandoned, covered ants in flower bed

Texas New Born Baby Coverd By Ants in The Bush

Newborn girl found abandoned, covered ants in flower bed

A baby girl was found dumped in a bush at 5am on Thursday morning in Houston, Texas Neighbour Albert Peterson first thought the sound of the baby crying was a cat Deandre Skillern came forward to identify himself as the father. According to Harris County deputies, a resident at the Bridges of Cypress Creek apartments complex found the infant at about 5 a.m. covered with ants "from head to toe".

"She had the mucus and the blood and umbilical cord and everything", he told KHOU. However in the meantime the newborn baby was taken for a medical evaluation at Texas Children's Hospital and despite what she had been through, is in a stable condition. There was bombshell testimony heard in a Houston courtroom, where a man claiming to be the father of the baby said he had no idea the mother was pregnant. "It's a miracle the child was found". She may face charges of child abandonment.

Peterson told KTRK it wasn't hard for authorities to find her because she was bleeding and had left a trail of bloody footprints on the ground.

"When I seen her, I seen ants and stuff all over". Initially, the occupants of the apartment at the end of the blood trail reportedly refused to answer the knocks at the door by the deputies. He took the baby to his apartment and called 911, investigators said.

Police believe' the woman gave birth to the baby girl in her apartment and then discarded the baby in the bushes. The officers involved with the investigation also felt that if the neighbor had not happened by and heard the baby crying, they would be looking at a homicide instead of a case with a happy ending for the infant.

The child will be taken into temporary custody until a relative can be found to take care of the baby, a Child Protective Services spokesperson said.

A hearing was to be held on Friday as to who would get custody of the baby.

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