Iran Parliament Increase Missile Funds After US Sanctions

US president Donald Trump has been increasing pressure on Iran over compliance with the UN-endorsed deal to lift nuclear sanctions on Tehran. Nicholas Kamm  AFP

Iran Allocates $520Mln for Missile Program in Response to New US Sanctions - AFP

Parliament overwhelmingly approved the outlines of the bill to "counter America's terrorist and adventurist actions", state broadcaster IRIB reported.

"I believe this law is an appropriate and wise response to the U.S. hostilities (against Iran)", he noted following the bill's approval.

On August 2, US President Donald Trump signed into law a bill by Congress that imposes new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea.

The additional United States sanctions put in place last month directly target the missile programme and the IRGC.

Of the members present, 240 parliamentarians out of 244 voted in favour of passing the bill.

The legislation would divide 20 trillion rials, or $609 million, between the missile program and the Quds Force, a special forces unit of the nation's Revolutionary Guards.

He added that the bill will be supported by the government of President Hassan Rouhani, as it is required to pass a second reading before being submitted to the Guardian Council for final approval.

It considers the entirety of the U.S. military forces and intelligence operatives in the region to be supporters of regional terrorist groups, and subject to punitive measures.

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi, who is the head of an Iranian commission tasked with monitoring the agreement's implementation, told MPs that the government backed the bill which he described "very strong".

He was referring to a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, known officially as the JCPOA, under which Iran agreed to strict limits on its nuclear programme in exchange for an easing of sanctions.

The agreement saw crippling economic sanctions on Iran lifted in return for the country restricting its sensitive nuclear activities.

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