Federal scientists contradict Trump on climate change

But while researchers estimate "record-breaking" climate-related weather extremes and "the warmest years on record for the globe", the Trump administration continues to push back.

The Canadian government should look at trying to replicate the research in a new USA report leaked this week that bluntly says climate change is real and is already having an impact on weather patterns in America, a national environmental think tank said Tuesday.

"How much more the climate will change depends on future emissions and the sensitivity of the climate system to those emissions", the report said, according to the Times. As stipulated in the document, all parties should maintain the increase in average global temperature at below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It notes that worldwide it is "extremely likely" that more than half of the global temperature increase since 1951 can be linked to humans.

The old webpage, which is backed up online and was in existence for more than 20 years, explained the basics of what causes climate change and how it affects human health, among other key pieces of basic scientific information. "Now, because of advanced computation and statistical methods, we can say with increasing certainty that numerous extreme events we're seeing have the fingerprint of human-induced climate change on them", he said.

"This is a draft report that has been in the public domain since January", EPA spokeswoman Liz Bowman said in a statement to Geek.

Attention to the climate change report comes more than two months after Trump announced on June 1 that the U.S. would pull out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement and a day after The Guardian reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has begun to censor the term "climate change".

The congressionally mandated National Climate Assessment is issued every four years.

Signs of relentless global climate change are all around us.

The problem, however, is that the National Climate Assessment, a project of the U.S. Global Change Research Program, was not leaked.

"This is simply an attempt by The New York Times just to undermine the success that we've had on this side of the aisle", said Dr. Gina Loudon of the claim that Pence's team is running a 2020 presidential "shadown campaign".

Your move, White House. President Trump becoming the savior of intellectual honesty on the right on climate change wouldn't be the weirdest thing to happen in American politics, but it'd be close. But those who challenge scientific data on human-caused climate change say they are equally anxious that the draft report, as well as the larger National Climate Assessment, will be publicly released.

"Evidence for a changing climate abounds, from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans ..."

"It was uploaded to a nonprofit internet digital library in January but received little attention until it was published by The New York Times", the corrected NYT article reads.

Whether the Trump administration releases the report remains to be seen. Pruitt said in March he did not believe carbon dioxide was a primary greenhouse gas contributing to global warming.

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