Facebook Watch PlatForm Unveiled Offering Live Video And Exclusive Facebook Shows

Facebook Watch PlatForm Unveiled Offering Live Video And Exclusive Facebook Shows

Facebook Watch PlatForm Unveiled Offering Live Video And Exclusive Facebook Shows

In time, creators will be able to monetize via Ad Breaks, Facebook said, as well as via sponsored shows using Facebook's "branded" content tag. If that isn't enough to make you delete your Facebook account, each programme will also feature a comments section, so you can smack-talk other viewers during a show. Content will be discoverable via sections like "What Friends Are Watching" and "What's Making People Laugh" - or shows that have garnered a substantial number of "Haha" reactions.

Facebook has launched Watch, its own video sharing platform for shows, bringing original content to users.

Facebook is also paying some creators to craft original shows for the Watch tab. Facebook's approach bears more resemblance to YouTube than Netflix Inc. or Amazon given its focus on short-form videos created to be shared online.

This is also part of the social media giant's push towards original video content as evidenced by the features that they've been bringing to the main app. "Watching a show does not have to be passive", said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in a post on the social media platform. Facebook released a statement, saying: "We'll be introducing Watch to a limited group of people in the USA and plan to bring the experience to more people soon".

The shows on Watch will be episodes that could be live or recorded, some of which Facebook will pay for.

While Facebook's Watch has not launched in India yet, it can be expected to come to the country soon being one of its biggest markets.

Watch is a redesign of the site's current video tab, altered in a way meant to entice people to watch for longer stretches and return regularly to view shows, including the first programs funded by the company. Much like Facebook's live video, you will be able to react and add comments while viewing, if you wish, in a bid to keep alive the social aspect of watching content. TechCrunch reported that the company will take 45% of the ad revenues from videos produced by its partners.

Like Amazon and Netflix, Facebook plans to offer a range of shows including exclusive ones that it has commissioned itself.

Called Watch, the feature will include short programs along with live events such as Major League Baseball games, the company announced Wednesday. For example, Returning the Favor is a series hosted by Mike Rowe where he finds people doing something extraordinary for their community, tells the world about it, and in turn does something extraordinary for them.

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