Ever wondered why you shouldn't look at an eclipse?

Nasa is teaming up with Google to give solar eclipse glasses to institutions and groups along the path of the totality, where the eclipse will be visible.

"It's going to traverse the entire pass of the United States", Kopernik Observatory Executive Director Drew Deskur said. If you're in the path of totality - a 70-mile-wide band that stretches from OR to SC - you will be able to look directly at the sun when the moon has completely covered the sun's face. In Muncie and Anderson, the partial eclipse begins about 12:59 p.m., maxing at 2:25 p.m. and ending at 3:48 p.m.

"It now appears that some companies are printing the ISO logo and certification label on fake eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers made with materials that do not block enough of the sun's ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation to make them truly safe", the organization warned.

"Unscrupulous vendors can grab the ISO logo off the internet and put it on their products and packaging even if their eclipse glasses or viewers haven't been properly tested", the society said. Guests can also pick up a pair of solar viewing glasses (while supplies last) or create a pinhole projection device to view the eclipse.

The glasses can be purchased at Lowes in Vestal and Chenango for $2. Total solar eclipses occur somewhere on Earth about every 18 months, but because most of Earth is covered in water, those events are rarely over land and seldom witnessed.

In order to photograph the solar eclipse, you will need to buy a solar filter to protect your camera by reducing the brightness of the sun.

"When it happens, it will start to look like the Death Star is entering the sun", Faherty said of New York City. "You don't need astronomers to tell you that, but you do need astronomers to tell you where to get safe solar filters.To do otherwise is to take unnecessary risks".

"Several school districts in our area are closing to allow students to experience this historic event", said Ms. MacTavish, a former Knox County Schools science teacher and current clinical assistant professor in STEM education in UT's College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences.

"Bus yourself out of the city to where it's less overcast", she said, explaining that she'll be along the path of totality in Wyoming and Nebraska and intends to hop in a rental vehicle to make a fast getaway to the clearest skies possible.

If you are planning to view the total solar eclipse that will be crossing the United States on August 21, you better be ready because total viewing time will only be just over two minutes. Additional details about how the eclipsed sun will look in the video have not been released. Some animals would also make their way to their nightly resting places, as if convinced that it is already nighttime. There could be emergency vehicles caught in gridlock, porta-potty shortages and street lights turning on when the sky darkens mid-day.

Vicente wants to make sure that everyone knows the risks.

It adds: "For a few brief minutes or seconds, the Sun's pearly white corona, red prominences, and chromosphere are visible". In ancient China, a ruler once ordered two astronomers to be beheaded when they failed to predict an eclipse.

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