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3 must-read Elon Musk quotes from Tesla's earnings call

Tesla's Model 3 is extremely popular. The Model 3's curb weight, in contrast, is 3,837 pounds.

But Tesla hopes the Model 3, which debuted at the end of July, will help the Silicon Valley company become the top carmaker on the block.

People at the meeting with Musk this week estimated that the company could wind up paying no more than 5 percent on the junk-rated bonds. And given the current hype for it, Musk might not be mistaken in his predictions of how the Tesla Model 3 will get bond investors as well as stock investors interested in looking into his company.

According to reports, the Tesla Model 3 will have two battery variants: 50 and 75-kilowatt-hour batteries.

By comparison, Musk said, Tesla's five-door liftback Model S - launched in 2012 - requires about 10,000 feet of wiring to operate. As an owner of all Tesla models and a declared fan of Elon Musk, Jason's opinion is highly biased, but it's one of the few we have at our disposal right now.

Future Tesla models understood to be in the works include an electric minibus, an electric HGV lorry and a second-generation Roadster - the original Tesla. The announcement conjured up a fantastical vision of Musk flipping a switch to suddenly transform all of the Tesla vehicles on the road into self-driving robots.

But note that, the updated onboard supercomputer hardware, named as "HW 2.5", is contradicting the previous promise, made by the Billionaire CEO of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk.

In a series of tweets Thursday night, Musk contested this version of events, calling this one "of all the bogus anecdotes" in the book, the one that "troubles" him the most.

The electric vehicle maker revolves around constant iteration, but it also has to meet the expectations of customers who bought expensive add-ons assuming they'd eventually get full self-driving features.

That has been a key issue for Tesla, which has a growing number of products coming out of a single factory. By selling bonds now, Musk can raise cash for Model 3 production without diluting equity holders.

"Musk: Tesla will slash wiring on Model Y" originally appeared in Automotive News on 8/9/17.

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