Egg-sasperated Brussels ministers arrange high-level meeting over egg scandal

Hong Kong enhances checks on eggs from Europe

Contaminated eggs scandal hit 15 EU states, besides Switzerland, Hong Kong: EC

The European egg contamination scandal has hit Denmark with the country's authorities announcing that 20 tonnes of boiled and peeled eggs are tainted with the insecticide fipronil.

The owner said his Spanish eggs had already been checked for chemicals, but that the United States and Hong Kong offerings may be "safer".

It is alleged that the company Chickfriend used fipronil, which is banned under European Union rules, at poultry farms.

Millions of eggs have been destroyed or pulled from supermarket shelves since July 20, when it was made public that the pesticide Fipronil, which is unsafe to human health, was found mixed with another treatment sprayed on chickens for ticks, fleas and lice, known as Dega 16.

The UK food watchdog said about 700,000 eggs had been sent to the country from potentially contaminated Dutch farms, up from an earlier estimate of 21,000. Romania and Luxembourg have also been affected by the scandal.

But the World Health Organization said that, when digested in large quantities, the chemical could cause harm to the kidneys, liver and thyroid glands.

A spokeswoman in Brussels said the situation was "evolving by the day", as criminal investigators continued to hold two men arrested for fraud after a series of raids in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Agriculture Ministry says the French farm reported on July 28, as the scandal was coming to light, that Dega 16 had been used on the farm by a Belgian subcontractor, and the ministry claims no eggs concerned have been sold.

Andriukaitis urged the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany - the countries at the epicentre of the crisis - to stop trading accusations about who is responsible for the scare.

Millions of eggs and egg-based products have been pulled from European supermarkets since August 1 and there are growing questions about who knew what, and when.

"There must be no compromises when it comes to food safety", Ms Reinhard said. "We are very concerned about the issue and maintain close contact with the Centre for Food Safety in order to take prompt action accordingly", a company spokesman said.

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