CNN Spreads Fake News About Google Viewpoint Diversity Manifesto

CNN Spreads Fake News About Google Viewpoint Diversity Manifesto

CNN Spreads Fake News About Google Viewpoint Diversity Manifesto

He also says: "W$3 hen it comes to diversity and inclusion, Google's left bias has created a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence". Damore filed a lawsuit against the company late Tuesday over his termination.

James Damore is reportedly exploring legal action after being fired.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai also sent a letter to employees saying that the memo violated the company's Code of Conduct by advancing "harmful gender stereotypes" because the memo listed biological issues that prevented women from climbing the corporate ladder and being as successful as their male counterparts in the tech industry.

In the email exchange with WIRED on Monday night, Damore said he wrote the document "to express my concerns about the terms and conditions of my working environment, and to bring up potentially illegal behavior".

Conservative factions have already risen to his defense, applauding Damore for his political correctness and having the courage to speak out against the diversity initiatives being perpetuated in the technology industry.

The National Labor Relations Act protects employees who are trying to organize unions, but there is a clause stating employees are allowed to engage in activities for "other mutual aid or protection".

According to the New York Times, Damore was not in a senior position as previously reported although he had been part of the infrastructure team of Google's search division as a software engineer since 2013.

Damore suggested that Google should not support programs that represent racial and gender minorities, and criticized the company's culture of encouraging a more diverse workplace.

"James Damore said via email on Monday night that he was told he was sacked for "'perpetuating gender stereotypes'".

Civil rights attorney James Finberg said that several of the women claimed they earn up to $40,000 less than their male counterparts and that "the big initial disparity turns into a larger and larger disparity every year" as a result of men getting better salary and stock options. "That includes not firing them for politely expressing ideas but rather arguing back", Assange tweeted. He further wrote that capacity of men and women differdue to biological causes and this elucidates why there is an unequal graph of women in tech and leadership.

To Google's credit, it was one of the first tech companies to release diversity statistics. It may sit the employee down and point out that in countries like Iran, 70 percent of the engineering and science graduates are women. Perhaps Damore, and those supporting him, should've done more research.

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