700, 000 potentially contaminated eggs in United Kingdom food chain — ALERT

Belgium Agriculture Minister Denis Ducharme

AFPBelgium Agriculture Minister Denis Ducharme has blamed Dutch authorities for the egg crisis

A spokeswoman said that two salad bowls were affected by the withdrawal. It now says hundreds of thousands eggs have been tainted. "The safety of our products is our priority".

In addition, it confirmed that a small quantity of boiled eggs also implicated in the scare had been supplied to nine catering outlets here in June.

These operations occur while the crisis of contaminated eggs continues to be of concern to the health authorities in Europe, even if the risks to the health of the consumer is a priori limited. "We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause". Waitrose has withdrawn free range egg mayonnaise and reduced fat mayonnaise and free range egg and bacon.

The liquid was imported from Germany and found in a warehouse in western Romania, in the first discovery of its kind in eastern Europe, the Romanian veterinary health authority ANSVSA said, adding that none of it has been put on the market.

What is Fipronil and how did the egg scandal start?

The Belgian Federal Police on Thursday conducted eight raids in Belgium in connection with the investigation into the contamination of eggs, said the Antwerp public prosecutor's office. "However, fipronil is not legally allowed for use near food-producing animals and it shouldn't be there". But according to the media Dutch it is ChickFriend, widely challenged by the affected farmers.

Luxembourg said that eggs sold in branches of the discount supermarket Aldi had been withdrawn, with one batch containing so much fipronil it was unsafe to be eaten by young children.

"It is likely that the number of eggs that have come to the United Kingdom is closer to 700,000 than the 21,000 we previously believed had been imported". That meant the fipronil was highly diluted, and was very unlikely to be a risk to public health, it claimed. But they say the number is a tiny fraction of the eggs consumed each year in the country. Testing of eggs on farms is underway across the United Kingdom and results to date for England and Wales show no exposure to Fipronil.

So far, contaminated eggs from the Netherlands have been found in Belgium, Germany, France and Britain.

More than 180 Dutch chicken farms were closed amid follow-up examinations. "This is because fipronil has been mixed into the product". The UK authorities together with retailers organized a withdrawal of such products from sale. She did not provide details on which companies or individuals were targeted. "We know that from receipts at the farms". An investigation is underway in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In Belgium 11 addresses were searched, including companies which had allegedly used fipronil. Innocent victimsThe Dutch egg industry organisation, Ovoned, has expressed anger at the contamination crisis. "And what happened to the eggs that were produced".

"In November 2016 news from an anonymous source reached the NVWA that fipronil was being used illegally in cleaning poultry accommodations in an attempt to prevent poultry mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) infestation".

Fipronil is a widely-used anti-lice agent used to spray farm animals, is absorbed into the skin, and passes into hatched eggs.

Pesticide use on poultry farms is prohibited by European Union legislation. He said restrictions could be lifted if the level of fipronil in eggs fell below a certain level.

Ducarme also said that food safety controls have been boosted after contaminated eggs were discovered in Belgium last month. This meant that packing stations would not collect eggs from these farms.

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