You can now play PlayStation games using your mobile phone

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Mobile devices typically don't get a ton of attention at the video game industry's biggest event of the year, but last night Sony announced a new category of games that involves Android and iOS.

"PlayLink games turn your smartphone or tablet into a versatile controller - you can swipe, pinch, drag, tilt, rotate or even snap selfies and draw crafty doodles, depending on the game".

While you can play the title solo, the game supports PlayLink, which allows you to play the game with your smartphone, where you can receive particular hidden objectives, also known as hidden agendas. And though it was a single-player game by design, it turned out to work really well with a bunch of people on a sofa yelling frantic instructions to the player.

PlayLink is a new service that connects your mobile phones to PlayStation games.

It is an app to make your smartphones an extension for what is being played on the console.

PlayLink launches with That's You on July 4th, and the full game will be available free to all PlayStation Plus members. In Hidden Agenda, you play a cop who has to make life or death decisions. PlayLink is a way for groups to play party-themed and social games, bypassing the controllers and using phones, because hey, everybody has one.

The game titles offered for PlayLink can be purchased from PS4's Playstation Store.

The gaming world is in a bit of a buzz at the moment, but at least we have Sony to take care of our smartphone/console party game needs.

Other titles announced for the program include Singstar, Frantics, and Knowledge is Power.

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