Xbox One S is getting a $50 price drop starting tomorrow

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Project Scorpio will finally get its first public showing at tonight's Microsoft E3 press conference, and market research firm IHS Markit has predicted that Microsoft's new machine will cost £429 in the UK. It also makes a lot of sense given what we already know about Microsoft's new console, as a report surfaced a few months ago regarding Project Scorpio's price that suggested the exact same retail cost of $499 United States dollars. Starting tomorrow, June 11, Xbox One S bundles will see a $50 price drop across the board. This console is supposed to be a mid-generation refresh just like the PS4 Pro, however it carries a rather hefty hardware upgrade compared to the Xbox One.

Of course, games are really what most people watching E3 care about.

Nintendo appears prepared to concentrate on its new, open-world Mario title, "Super Mario Odyssey", which will give players free reign to move about the planet in the shoes of the universally adored handyman. Also, there is a considerable measure of fun bits of gossip flying around. That's a 130-per-cent increase over past year, said Entertainment Software Association chief executive Mike Gallagher. Nielsen as of late revealed that attention to VR gadgets has gone from 28 percent from a year ago to 51 percent this year, yet that appropriation hasn't taken after.

Microsoft will be holding its annual Xbox E3 2017 Briefing at 2 p.m.

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