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With the narrowest vote, lawmakers in the Louisiana House spurned their GOP leaders and backed a $28 billion-plus operating budget that would use every dollar forecast to be available for spending.

And that agreement could likely come without the passage of any tax reform measures.

The House and Senate agree the state can no longer afford cash payments for future credits earned by smaller producers and explores but they disagree on other elements and on whether the state should raise taxes on the industry.

But instead, what resulted was a non-decision.

Armstead said Senate leadership has been unwilling to abandon its proposal to lower income taxes, despite multiple votes in the House showing little to no support for the plan.

Henry says there has been a lot said and written in the media about the House not willing to compromise, and he hopes this proposal shows that is not the case.

The Senate voted to pass the FORTIFY Act, and initially, Sen.

The Senate must agree to changes the House makes to the capital budget or the matter would go to a conference committee. This version aims to balance a budget in the face of a projected shortfall of almost $1 billion, as state revenues have continued to come in under estimates. It obviously doesn't spend as much as what he wanted to spend, but it is spending his new revenue estimate.

Justice's press office did not respond Tuesday to a request for comment on the latest budget developments.

Republican Senators voted Tuesday night to close that remaining gap by cutting almost $35 million from higher education institutions across the state and another $35 million from Medicaid-money that the federal government matches 3-to-1. "We need to know what percent from the agencies can you cut". "The alternative is to base the budget on revenue estimates, and cuts have to be made somewhere". Neal Kurk is the House's top budget writer.

"To be cautious and to be prudent and manage the shortfall that may exist in a responsible way without leaving that money on the table and without forcing the reductions that you're going to see", Dardenne said.

Amendments to narrow the gap between the Senate and House versions passed narrowly Wednesday.

The House read the bill a first time-the first of three necessary readings before it can be put to a final vote in the chamber.

Trump said employees could not use annual or sick leave for furlough days unless the employer pre-approved leave before the furlough.

The House Finance Committee also rejected Senate plans to redirect $50 million from a gas pipeline project.

With the loss of those provisions, Armstead said he was eager to get to work on finalizing a budget plan within the means afforded to lawmakers.

The question remains, however, if the governor will actually sign a budget that includes more than $100 million in cuts that aren't accounted for in his own plan.

Lawmakers have until June 30 to approve a budget bill-- and Justice has until that same day to sign it-to avoid a shutdown.

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