Unlike others, Putin doesn't criticize Trump over decision

"We have felt it fifty years ago we have been telling the world about the problems of the Pacific countries there's a lot of islands that are basically coral islands they're sinking a lot of villages are disappearing from the surface of the earth so we're very aware of the issues of climate change", Semi Koroilavesau, the Fiji Minister of Fisheries said.

"If the U.S. drops out of the climate agreement. for European trade policy, this means that American production sites don't need to abide by the climate goals", Germany's center-left chancellor candidate said on Thursday, speaking at the WDR Europa Forum in Berlin.

US President Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord on Friday.

Bloomberg is U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's special envoy for cities and climate change.

The United States - the world's second-largest greenhouse gas emitter after China - pledged in the Paris climate deal to reduce emissions that contribute to global warming by 26 percent in a 20-year period by 2025.

"Strong transatlantic ties are far more important and far more durable than the latest unfortunate decisions of the new administration", Tusk said. "And perhaps most important, new coal plants in the USA aren't economically feasible right now, due to lower costs of other forms of energy", Robertson said.

The Democratic-led states of California, New York and Washington announced separately that they were forming a United States Climate Alliance committed to upholding Paris emissions commitments and urged others to climb on board.

The European Union has pledged to bypass Trump administration to work with US business leaders and state governors to implement the historic accord's commitments.

"I want the world to know that the U.S. will meet its Paris commitments and that through partnerships among cities, states and businesses we will seek to remain part of the Paris agreement process", Bloomberg said. She wants Congress to take similar action.

"If this coalition broadens and deepens at the pace that it appears to be, I think the Trump effect could be more than mitigated", added Orr, now dean of the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland.

He said he would notify the UN Secretary General and the climate change secretariat that U.S. cities, states, businesses and others would aim to meet the US's commitment to reducing emissions 26 per cent below the 2005 levels by 2025.

"Trump's decision to ditch the Paris deal will leave a fairly big shoe for a single country to fill", state-run Xinhua said in a commentary.

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