Uber founder Travis Kalanick steps down as CEO

END OF AN ERA Silicon Valley No Longer a Safe Space for Tech Bro Douchebags

END OF AN ERA Silicon Valley No Longer a Safe Space for Tech Bro Douchebags

After the resignation of the Uber chief executive Mr. Kalanick, many questions arises and top of the list is that who will take over this position especially since the company has molded in his image.

News site Axios reported Thursday that some 1,000 employees had signed the petition. A day later, Uber board member David Bonderman also chose to resign after making a sexist joke at the very meeting where the board was discussing the results of the probe. While founders should be held accountable to strong, independent boards and need the support of experienced leadership teams, founder DNA is a precious asset and can not be under-estimated. One of Uber's key investors, Benchmark Capital's Bill Gurley, a legendary venture capitalist, seems to have played a crucial role in Kalanick's ouster, even though technically he did not have the authority on the board to fire him.

Uber, though, says Kalanick told Levandowski not to bring any of the Google information with him to Uber.

Kalanick resigned this week after pressure from five major Uber investors following the release of a report on Uber's internal culture and a seemingly endless series of scandals and screw-ups.

Whether the company will be persistently dogged by the baggage of the past few years, and particularly the fever pitch of the past few months, will in part be dictated by how Uber handles the hiring of Kalanick's successor.

The employee petition began when Michael York, a product manager, called for people to rally their support around Kalanick.

Uber spokesman Matt Kallman declined to comment.

Meanwhile, the board may or may not respond to the petition, it is totally their privilege.And something tells me that ate aren't going to ask Kalanick back just because of a petition.

Kalanick was a polarizing chief executive, seen as both a brilliant visionary who led the company to dominance and the source of a toxic culture outlined in two independent investigations into the company. Travis gave more to this company than anyone.

One of these measures included drastically scaling back Kalanick's role within the company, but early reports suggested that some of Kalanick's duties would simply be distributed to other executives, while he would still retain the role of CEO.

Such awareness of a company's internal problems is "pretty high", especially for service used by 20 to 30 percent of the USA population, according to Jeff Cartwright, a spokesman for Morning Consult. The post was liked by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The board of directors also echoed his emotion and agreed that he had "always put Uber first".

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