U.S. politicians pledge commitment to Paris Agreement following Trump's announcement

Australia's Prime Minister told reporters earlier on Friday that Trump's decision to leave the Paris agreement - and earlier decision to abandon the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement - "herald a USA withdrawal from global leadership".

"Over the course of his dabbling in politics", writes The Washington Post's Philip Bump, "Trump has held almost every possible position on climate change".

A number of business and industry figures criticized Trump's decision, while others focused on what it might mean to their trade. It also implies that there are shared responsibilities for countries when they interact with one another. "Shouldn't you be able to tell the American people whether or not the resident still believes that climate change is a hoax?".

China said it was a responsible country that had been working hard on tackling climate change.

Only two other countries had previously rejected the accord: Nicaragua - which felt the deal did not go far enough in cutting emissions - and Syria. Trump has started the mechanisms to leave the Paris accord, but he's also said he's open to renegotiating the deal.

Thus, the agreement gave China a huge economic advantage over the USA, because China could continue to produce cheap coal-fired electricity while the US must regulate this type of energy to keep its commitment. And if the president does feel that it's too hard for us to meet that commitment, it's not only not necessary, it's not even possible to renegotiate our commitment. But now, that excuse has disappeared.

The U.S. agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, but China agreed only to reach its peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and then begin scaling back. China will continue polluting for a "staggering number of years", he said, referring to its self-determined mitigation target. The Japanese foreign ministry issued a statement saying, "Climate change requires a concerted effort by the whole of the global community".

Then, on Friday, the French government made a decision to take on Trump's message directly. "India will continue to be part of it irrespective of whether the United States remains in it or not", Swaraj told reporters.

According to the CITEPA research institute, America's renewable energy sector in America employed some 800,000 people in 2016 - almost five times more than the fossil-fuel sector.

Trump has said "I'm not a believer in global warming".

DE becomes the ninth state to join the U.S Climate Alliance consisting of states, Puerto Rico and local governments.

"Local governments and businesses and individuals can do their part". Both Republican and Democratic politicians have come to see that renewable energy is not necessarily a politically divisive issue. That's always a good way to catch the ear of a politician, no matter which party she or he represents. Trump repeatedly raged against India, China, and rest of the world on Thursday, casting the U.S. as a victim of global machinations. It's possible that if the USA were to remain in the agreement, we would try to hinder progress as time goes on. So it is actually, at this point, not possible to know the full effects of the Paris climate agreement, because that depends on future commitments made by the parties. The idea was to build a consensus on tackling global warming for the first time by making the entire process voluntary, avoiding criticism that developing countries were being forced to curtail economic growth to pay for the excesses of the developed world.

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