Turkish opposition party holds 450km march from Ankara to Istanbul

Kemal Kilicdaroglu second left the leader of Turkey's pro-secular main opposition Republican People's Party holds a placard that rea

Kemal Kilicdaroglu second left the leader of Turkey's pro-secular main opposition Republican People's Party holds a placard that rea

New Jersey contractor Eyup Yildirim - seen in video footage attacking protestors with Erdogan's bodyguards and kicking a woman - was charged with assault with significant bodily injury and aggravated assault. Defense attorney Susan Borecki questioned facial recognition software used to identify Narin, but Demeo noted the resemblance of the person she saw in the courtroom to the person in the video of the May 16 confrontation.

Two Turkish-American men were arrested Wednesday for their role in the a Washington brawl, police said. Two men on the list have been reportedly arrested.

"If my bodyguards can not protect me then why am I bringing them to the USA with me?" he questioned.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the charges against the bodyguards send "a clear message that the United States does not tolerate individuals who use intimidation and violence to stifle freedom of speech and legitimate political expression".

Shortly after Erdogan's limousine pulled up, his security officers and supporters rushed across the street at the protesters "in a almost simultaneous, coordinated throng", the detective said.

The brawl took place outside the residence of Turkey's ambassador to Washington shortly after President Donald Trump warmly received Erdogan at the White House.

After police officers struggled to protect the protesters and ordered the men in suits to retreat, several of the men dodged the officers and ran into the park to continue the attacks.

The fracas added to already strained U.S.

The Turkish foreign ministry summoned Thursday US ambassador to Ankara to reject the arrest warrants issued by US authorities against Turkish President's security personnel after some of the bodyguards allegedly beat up anti-Ankara protesters during Erdogan's May visit to Washington. The NATO allies previously clashed over a US decision to arm Syrian Kurdish rebels fighting the Islamic State group in Syria. Last month, the guards were caught on video beating protesters in Washington.

Turkey's official Anadolu news agency said they chanted anti-Erdogan slogans, and that the Turkish president's team moved in to disperse them because "police did not heed to Turkish demands to intervene".

Ankara has strongly condemned the decision by US authorities to issue arrest warrants for members of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's security personnel and several Turkish citizens. Additionally, the State Department called Turkey's ambassador to the United States to complain about the security forces violence, and then the Turkish Foreign Ministry returned the meeting by complaining about the way the detained security guards were being treated.

Criticism follows announcement that Turkish security agents were among those being sought over brawl in Washington, DC. "The Turkish-Americans responded in self-defence and one of them was seriously injured".

A police spokeswoman said the two are residents of Canada but it is not yet known whether they have Canadian citizenship.

Chief Newsham said that no staff members from the Turkish Embassy in Washington were implicated in the attack.

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