Trump was 'wrong' to leave climate change deal: United Kingdom minister

The Minister's face-to-face denunciation of the U.S. decision to abandon the accord comes as the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is asking a German news magazine to correct a report that said Mr. Trudeau tried to avoid provoking U.S. President Donald Trump by asking German Chancellor Angela Merkel to remove mentions of the Paris accord from a statement on climate change that is to be issued after next month's meeting of G20 leaders in Germany.

Thus far, the article has not been changed.

When announcing the US was pulling out of the Paris accord Trump said his administration would begin negotiations either to re-enter the deal or set up a new agreement on "terms that are fair to the United States".

"We will be strong on climate action at the G20", Environment Minister Catherine McKenna on Monday told reporters by phone from a meeting of G7 environment ministers in Italy. "Let's be clear - the bigger than one administration and we're going to be moving forward, as is the rest of the world, with the states, cities and businesses in the United States that are committed to serious climate action and committed to the Paris Agreement".

"We the United States do not join those sections of the communiqué on climate and [multilateral development banks], reflecting our recent announcement to withdraw and immediately cease implementation of the Paris agreement and associated financial commitments", it said.

In a footnote to the communique, the United States said it would not join with the other six countries in reaffirming their Paris commitments, but said it was taking action on its own to reduce its carbon footprint.

The top USA official at the meeting, Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, left the meeting after only few hours of one-on-one talks held with his counterparts from Germany, Japan, and Britain. "Respective of the importance to engage with longstanding allies and key global partners, we approached the climate discussions head on from a position of strength and clarity".

"California, in many ways, is out of control", said President Trump, unable to ignore the state's rebellion.

"We will meet the Paris standards, I believe, in the United States", he told a news conference.

"The momentum around the Paris agreement is irreversible", McKenna said.

The Paris accord commits countries to holding global temperature rises to "well below" 2C above pre-industrial levels, which will require global emissions to be cut to net zero by the second half of the century.

The participants now have to negotiate the rules for implementing Paris, including how each country will report their efforts and progress, what kind of monitoring there will be and what can be done to promote compliance.

States, cities, businesses, philanthropies, and universities have vowed to fill the void that the USA federal government makes if it departs from the accord or ignores its voluntary targets: a 26 to 28-percent reduction in the country's carbon emissions by 2025, relative to 2005 levels, and further cuts thereafter. Brown signed green technology agreements, expanded climate deals and met with President Xi Jinping in what looked like a visit by a foreign head of state. Syria couldn't participate in the Paris negotiations because of sanctions against the government amid the ongoing civil war.

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