Trump calls ex-FBI director Comey a 'leaker' after testimony

Collins said that she supported issuing a subpoena to obtain the tapes if they exist, but noted that it would probably come from special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading an independent investigation into Trump and Russian Federation, rather than from the Senate intelligence panel. Dershowitz said he finds it incredible that the media didn't quote the most relevant part of Comey's testimony which is when he said the President under the Constitution has the authority to end the Flynn investigation. He accused Comey of saying things that "just weren't true".

Earlier Friday, he spoke at the Transportation Department about his plan for improving the country's roads and bridges before traveling to New Jersey for the weekend.

The president reiterated his intention to disclose whether tapes exist of the meeting after a throng of reporters asked why he couldn't confirm or deny their existence immediately. "But I did not say that", Trump said. "I mean, I will tell you, I didn't say that", Trump responded.

Trump refused that he had asked Comey for a pledge of loyalty and never told Comey he hoped the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn would go away.

Trump Jr. specifically said on the air, "When he tells you to do something, guess what?"

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I'll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future. "Who would do that?"

"WOW, Mr Comey is a leaker!"

Trump did not make clear what he had read.

Comey, who was sacked by Trump in May, did not make any major disclosures about any links between Trump or his associates and alleged Russian meddling.

He also urged Congress to act to abolish the independent counsel established by the Department of Justice to investigate alleged ties between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russian Federation.

The president declined repeatedly to say whether, as he suggested last month in a tweet, he had recordings of his conversations with Mr Comey.

Trump ignored a question on how he could accuse Comey of lying on one hand, and being truthful on the other.

While many of Trump's Republican allies have found Comey's testimony credible, the president has called the man he fired a liar and a "leaker". The US Constitution does not directly address whether the president can be criminally prosecuted, and the area is the subject of legal debate.

The divide between the President and the mainstream media over his conduct in office continues to be a gulf in terms of perception.

What will be more fodder for the president's supporters is Comey's admission that he leaked contents of memos of his private meetings with Trump to the press through an intermediary after being fired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

During the news conference on Friday, Trump also repeated his lawyer's assertion Thursday that Comey's testimony had vindicated him and showed he did nothing wrong.

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