Total Eclipse Stamps Going on Sale in the Midlands

Total Eclipse Stamps Going on Sale in the Midlands

Total Eclipse Stamps Going on Sale in the Midlands

The U.S. Postal Service's first-of-its-kind interactive thermochromic ink stamp is to be issued Tuesday commemorating the the rare solar eclipse due to occur August 21 over the United States. The stamp is being released Tuesday.

A total solar eclipse provides us with the only chance to see the Sun's corona - its extended outer atmosphere - without specialized instruments.

This is the first time the Post Office has ever released a stamp made with thermochromic ink.

"With the release of these incredible stamps using thermochromic ink, we've provided an opportunity for people to experience their own personal solar eclipse every time they touch the stamps", says Cochrane. Then as the stamp cools, it goes back to showing the picture of the eclipse.

While the eclipse itself will by definition be fleeting, the stamp is a Forever stamp.

The back of the stamp sheet will include a map depicting the path of the eclipse, from OR to SC. St. Louis falls in the path of the eclipse. A partial view of the phenomenon will be visible across North America.

It is being called the "Great American Eclipse".

Des Jardins will present information about the MSU-led Eclipse Ballooning Project, in which 55 teams from across the country will capture aerial video of the eclipse from high-altitude balloons and live-stream the footage to NASA's website. You can replicate an eclipse by holding a flashlight and waving your hand slowly across it.

A total eclipse - when the moon passes directly in front of the sun, obscuring it - is scheduled to takes place beginning at 2:41 p.m. on that Monday in August. Fourteen states will be able to see it in its "totality". It features a photo of the eclipse taken by retired NASA astrophysicist Fred Espenak, and it was designed by Antonio Alcal√°. He's been collecting eclipse stamps since he saw his first one as a teenager. Many are booking hotels for the big moment, while others have had their rooms booked for years.

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