This guy created Super Mario in real life using augmented reality

Super Mario Bros. Level Recreated In AR By HoloLens Developer

This Hololens recreation of Super Mario Bros world 1-1 is a good reminder that we live in the future

Abhishek Singh built the iconic first level of Mario to work in augmented reality, giving himself a first-person, three-dimensional view of the game. If it's not dance mats or motion controls it's virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) changing the world around us. According to Abhishek, the most hard part of the development process was tweaking the game to work in a large outdoor environment since HoloLens is typically created to work in smaller spaces.

Watch this fascinating video of him playing the game in Central Park in New York City.

Don't get into your dungarees just yet, as it's unlikely you'll be able to take Singh's creation for a spin anytime soon. Given that players would need huge open spaces to play - Singh said the final level was around 110 meters - it doesn't seem practical. He was able to recreate numerous iconic elements of the original game, from bricks to mushrooms to enemies. "However I did find that if people aren't familiar with the level they might miss a few things".

Whether you were born in the 90's or in the Xbox/PS4 era, you probably know or like Super Mario Bros.

While learning the absolute basics of HoloLens development, I literally placed a cube in a scene and for some reason jumped right under it and that's when the idea of recreating Mario struck me. I hope Nintendo makes an official version one day.

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