Syrian fighters seize parts of Islamic State 'capital' Raqqa

Syrian activists: At least 7 killed in Raqqa airstrike

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Dead?: There Were False Reports Before

The US-backed troops are now looking to throw the remnants of the Islamic State group - also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) - out of Raqqa, one of the last know strongholds of the terrorist group.

SDF fighters were battling Sunday to dislodge the militants from the Division 17 base, with backing from the USA -led coalition bombing Daesh, the Observatory said. Using unconventional warfare tactics, IS fighters have been covering the city's streets with large sheets of cloth to provide concealment from airplanes above while lacing the city's perimeter streets with landmines and fortified checkpoints.

Reports suggest that the terrorist was killed by white phosphorus bombing campaigns lead by Coalition forces in Raqqa.

According to The Sun, Syrian state television has reported that al-Baghdadi was killed in the air strike with heavy artillery.

But outside factors, including ongoing tensions between the US and Turkey over the Kurdish role in the operation, ultimately hindered efforts to speed up the Raqqa assault.

He asserted that the tribal delegation carries an initiative stipulating the handing over of the city to SDF forces in exchange for the safe exit ofmilitants from the city towards the Damascus suburbs and Deir Ezzor.

US forces used WP during the 2004 battle for Fallujah and elsewhere in the ongoing 15-year war against Islamist terrorism.

Jordan has been on alert for possible infiltration by Islamic State extremists who seized territories in Syria and Iraq in 2014.

They quoted a statement published by the Islamic State's media arm, Wilayat al-Raqqa.

Fighting on Sunday focused on the western fringes of Raqqa city, where SDF forces seized the Rumaniyah district-an urban area of more than a dozen city blocks.

Since March, the regime has carried out offensives in Deir Hafer, an Islamic State enclave 30 miles east of Aleppo, and al-Bab. In recent months, Jordan expressed concern that US -backed offensives against ISIL could push some of the militants closer to the kingdom's border.

Smoke rises from al-Mishlab district at Raqqa's southeastern outskirts. The Syrian Democratic Forces do not coordinate their activities with the Syrian Army.

Clashes between USA forces and pro-regime forces tied to Iran may be the beginning of a smaller fight in the shadow of the Islamic State campaign.

Shiite Muslims burn an effigy of the leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi during a protest.

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