Spotify Is Testing a 'Sponsored Songs' Option Inside Playlists

Spotify Is Testing a 'Sponsored Songs' Option Inside Playlists

Spotify Is Testing a 'Sponsored Songs' Option Inside Playlists

The good news is that, as of now, users can opt out of this feature via the settings.

As Tech Crunch reports, these songs have been appearing for some users of the platform's unpaid tier, and Spotify has confirmed to the publication that the feature is now being tested, allowing labels to pay to have their artists' music featured more prominently.

The company has over 50 million paying subscribers, and Spotify has long attempted to monetize its free service subscriber base by displaying banner ads in the Spotify application.

Spotify has told TechCrunch that if this test is successful, it would be rolled out on a more official basis and would only appear to users on the free tier.

The Swedish music streamer confirmed to the BBC that they're now testing the "Sponsored Songs" feature.

Meanwhile, users who are particular with the songs they include on their playlist need not worry. Speculations were confirmed when guys from the #Music Streaming Service announced that they have started testing the new feature.

Sponsored Songs that appear on playlists can be targeted to specific users that have similar tastes in music.

Spotify is experimenting with a new form of sponsored content that's already rubbing some users the wrong way.

Messina was using Spotify Premium and saw the option to disable the ads - but the ads only show up on Spotify's free, ad-supported tier. Users can also save these songs for later listening. The streaming service is now looking for ways to increase its revenue after losing an estimated $601 million last year-a huge loss considering its number of users have increased to 140 million. The Swedish company needs more capital in order to pay royalties and still turn a profit though. It could count number of listens, shares or impressions, as pointed out by Complex.

However, given most of these tracks will appear within playlists created by others, the question is will most users even notice them?

For labels, Spotify's Sponsored Songs should be a new way for them to promote new songs and artists.

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