Shocked visitors see live donkey fed to tigers at Chinese zoo

Chinese Zoo

YouTube Screengrab

A group of tigers at a Chinese zoo were given a special treat yesterday afternoon - a live donkey.

While the clip does not show the moment the donkey was killed by the group of three tigers, local media reports claim it was slaughtered.

In a statement written in Mandarin on its Weibo account, the zoo said a legal case involving another firm had caused its assets to be frozen two years ago.

They had been stopped from taking animals from the zoo to sell, so instead fed the donkey to the tiger, according to the South China Morning Post.

The donkey was pushed out of a truck by men clad in red raincoats.

Changzhou zoo reported the investors tossed the animal into the tiger enclosure in "a fit of rage", following a management meeting about poor returns.

The two Tigers worked in tandem to finish off the little animal's struggling moments.

What was so disturbing and upsetting for me was seeing the donkey so reluctant to get into the water and it actually had to be pushed in by zoo workers.

Shareholders had become increasingly dissatisfied with the situation and began to suspect the zoo and the court were trying to "deceive the small shareholders of the investment capital", the zoo said.

Those who saw the donkey being attacked reportedly took to social media to criticise the zoo and the investors' actions. What has a donkey to do with humans' problems?

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