Secret Service reportedly has no Trump tapes

If there are tapes can the White House be forced to turn them over

If there are tapes, can the White House be forced to turn them over?

The Secret Service has previously been responsible for all recording systems within the White House, including the one that led to Richard Nixon's downfall during the Watergate scandal.

The agency said a review of its main indices found no records related to the request.

Trump made major waves last month when he suggested there were tapes of his private conversations with then-FBI Director James Comey before he fired Comey. Comey told Congress last week that Trump urged him to drop a probe of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. This line of questioning, of course, is entirely owing to Trump having tweeted, after sacking Comey, that Comey better hope there are no tapes before he starts talking to the press about his ouster.

Members of the Trump White House have since been mum on any questions about the existence of the recorded conversations between Mr. Trump and Comey.

The Secret Service, which has handled recording systems for previous presidents, responded back to the Journal's Freedom of Information Act request Monday.

The reporters questioned her about the conversations, and she told she did not whether the tapes existed or not. 'Oh, you're going to be disappointed when you hear the answer, don't worry'.

Trump said at a news conference Friday that he would reveal if he taped the conversations "over a very short period of time".

NBC News' Hallie Jackson followed up later: "If the President does have evidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigation director lied under oath, what is he waiting for?" she asked.

Spicer said that he would have an announcement on the matter when he was ready.

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