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During James Comey's hearing in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee last week, it became clear that one of the main sticking points between the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director and the president was Comey's refusal to kneel down in the Oval Office and swear his loyalty to King Trump.

The first meeting of President Donald Trump's full Cabinet evolved into an unusual tribute session Monday as heads of his executive branch agencies hailed the opening five months of Trump's administration while the president himself listened on closely.

China has granted four preliminary trademark approvals to an Ivanka Trump company, and her brand applied for at least 14 new trademarks around the time she announced she would become a federal employee.

During that meeting, Trump sat as his cabinet leaders went around in a circle praising the administration and the president for the first few months of Trump's presidency. So far no major legislation has made its way through Congress.

"I think the worldwide community knows we are back", said United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, who Trump joked in April could "easily be replaced".

"Michelle, how did my hair look coming out of the gym this morning?"

Then, in a weird bit of theater that might have played well in Pyongyang, Trump's senior staff and Cabinet, one by one, praised his leadership in effusive terms.

Vice President Mike Pence spoke first: "This is the greatest privilege of my life is to serve as vice president to a president who's keeping his word to the American people". "Nobody has better hair than you", his staffer responded.

As cabinet members went around the room, singing the president's praises, Trump simply nodded in agreement, basking in his underlings' adulation.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Great president or greatest?

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, noting the comments from other officials who said they had recently been overseas, noted wryly: "While we are bragging about worldwide travel I just got back from MS and they like you there". "I think the worldwide community knows we are back", she said. They know what we're against.

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