Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked Details Here!



You may choose any two of these devices and you'll get the cheaper one absolutely free.

The Father's Day campaign, which also applies to LG G6 or V20 phones, enables new and existing customers to buy one of the three models with a line of voice and unlimited data to receive the second handset.

OnePlus has emerged as a cheaper smartphone that offers an impressive amount of processing power and features, while LG's modular series offers users a device that can be improved over time.

Sources have said its design will mirror that of the Galaxy S8.

It will be interesting to see what Apple's solution looks like when the new iPhone is announced.

This new device could be one of the best smartphones Samsung has ever made with rumours suggesting it will feature a giant curved Infinity display and new S Pen which will vibrate as it touches the screen.

A separate image purportedly shows the Galaxy Note 8 front panel as well, but it seems more like a fan-art piece rather than a real render considering that no side buttons are visible.

The next big thing when it comes to biometric security on mobile is the onscreen fingerprint sensor.

As for Apple, there are some reports that claim that the iPhone 8 might have this feature, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

As the G6's 5.7ins display comes with an 18:9 aspect ratio, rather than the nearly universal 16:9, TrustedReviews says some apps will have "thick black bars at the top and bottom" to fit on the screen properly. The Galaxy S8 is $30 down and $70 a month ($750 full retail price), while the Galaxy S8+ is $70 down and $30 a month ($790 full retail price).

The Galaxy S8 launched with an uncomfortable fingerprint scanner mounted on its back, right next to the rear camera. Having said that, we would like to know your thoughts on this. First is the talk time test where the Galaxy S8+ ran for 26 hours and the S8 hit 23 hours. The Samsung devices give you a rebate up to $790, and for the LG units the rebate amount is as much as $500.

The Galaxy S8 is available now and can be ordered from Carphone Warehouse for £689.

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