Rockstar Games Issues A Statement On The Recent GTAV Modding Crackdown

GTA V players will no longer be able to access Open IV modding tool

GTA V players will no longer be able to access Open IV modding tool

Force Hax's website now redirects to a blank webpage containing a single statement: "After discussions with Take-Two Interactive, effective immediately we are ceasing all maintenance, development and distribution of the Force Hax cheat menu services". We apologize for any and all problems [our program] has caused to the Grand Theft Auto Online community. Unfortunately, GTA 5 mods have been in the headlines in recent days for a much less fun reason. An update that was provided also reveals that Take-Two's decision to ask for the shutdown of OpenIV followed after recent mods were proven malicious as they allowed for the harassment of players and ruin the "GTA" online experience for others.

Lexicon and Menyoo display similar messages, but mention that the charity is to be designated by Take Two. "GTA V" has been receiving overwhelmingly negative reviews as thousands of players are unable to enjoy the game because they are unable to access the mods necessary for the experience.

To arrive at this score, Steam averaged the user rating across the last 41,343 reviews, so this anger towards Take-Two is more widespread than a vocal minority of frustrated modders.

The reaction is expected as many have been using the modding tool for years now.

Will there actually be fewer cheaters in GTA Online now?

The community is obviously pissed off about this move and it reflects rather poorly on both Rockstar and Take-Two.

They also claim they are working on this issue so that they can "support the creative community" without hurting other players. And while keeping hackers out is important to the interests of fair play, GTA Online's use of microtransactions means hacks that can generate infinite in-game money impact a market that's reportedly worth half a billion dollars to Take Two. If you head on over to the Grand Theft Auto V page on Steam, gamers have torched the rating for the game, pushing almost 41,000 reviews during the past 30 days.

A petition has already been started to "Save OpenIV". At the time of writing over 39,000 reviews have been submitted recently, with a lot of them being classed as "Overwhelmingly Negative".

Next we've got Steam user "Nintendo_of_America" (not really Nintendo) saying "Take two just essentially banned modding for this game, I'll never support them again", followed by someone called Polecat Von Einzbern saying "As much as it pains me to give this game a negative review we cannot just sit around and let them destroy single-player modding".

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