Ricky Hatton's Straight To The Point View Of McGregor Mayweather

Ricky Hatton's Straight To The Point View Of McGregor Mayweather

Ricky Hatton's Straight To The Point View Of McGregor Mayweather

"I can guarantee you Floyd's never seen anyone coming in throwing a superman punch before".

Having taken enormous numbers of fans with him overseas on many occasions to watch him fight, he knows a thing or two about how the build-up to the big fights unfold. "I think a superman punch is well within the rules", he said in an interview on Fight Hype.

"It was disrespectful. I would have thought (UFC president) Dana White would have a little more respect with this boxing event taking place", De La Hoya said.

It's safe to say chatter about Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor will dominate the sports landscape for the next two months until the fighters meet in the ring on August 26 in Las Vegas. They'll be debating who has more pressure on them, suggesting McGregor is bigger than any opponent Mayweather has ever faced and due to that McGregor has a puncher's chance....actually he doesn't for a multitude of reasons, one of which stands out more than any other, as I'll shortly explain. And that is, love him or hate him, as terrific as Floyd Mayweather once was, his entire cache' regarding greatness is the fact that he's undefeated in 49 professional fights.

The video is narrated by Mayweather and McGregor themselves, consisting of footage and audio of their back-n-forth trash talking in the media, as well as past fight and candid footage.

If you're looking for more to chew on with the upcoming Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight besides the constant trash talk, here's something flawless.

When it comes to big fight atmospheres Ricky Hatton knows more than most. And that didn't happen by accident. This is the middleweight fight the fans have been clambering for a long time... "I'm more experienced. That fight motivated me". The one thing it will be, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is entertaining.

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