Prosecution case nears end in Castile trial

Diamond Reynolds girlfriend of Philando Castile enters the Ramsey County Courthouse in St. Paul Minn. before the trial of police officer Jeronimo Yanez on Tuesday

Prosecution case nears end in Castile trial

Castile was not threatening from what he could hear of their conversation, Kauser testified Tuesday in the manslaughter trial of Yanez, his longtime friend. He was shot shortly after telling Yanez that he was carrying a gun.

Minnesota Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez is charged with manslaughter after he fatally shot Philando Castile, 32.

The recording was captured on the camera mounted to the dashcam of Yanez's squad auto. Toran said he didn't even have to reach into the pocket to grab it.

Kauser had been on duty for about three hours that night and was at a fire station a mile away when Yanez radioed him for backup. "His grip was a lot wider than a wallet".

In fact, he said he was surprised when the gunshots went off.

"Please don't tell me he's gone!" she screams. Seconds later, he added, "I told him to take his (expletive) hand off his gun". Yanez fired seven shots, hitting Castile five times.

She said she felt "broken ... hurt ... confused ... lost" after seeing Castile killed.

Yanez, 29, is also charged with two counts of intentional discharge of a firearm for endangering the two passengers.

Yanez has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Defense attorneys also have argued that Castile was stoned during the stop and it affected his actions, and plan to introduce evidence he had THC - the high-producing component of marijuana - in his system the day of his death. Castile had a permit to carry it, though he didn't disclose that information to the officer.

The state maintains Castile was trying to access his wallet so he could provide the driver's license Yanez had requested to see seconds earlier.

On Tuesday, attorneys spent a lot of time asking witnesses what they saw in the moments leading up to the shooting.

Prosecutors have said that Yanez acted unreasonably when he shot Castile seconds after he was notified of the firearm, while defense contends Yanez had to react quickly to protect himself from a threat.

Aside from Reynolds' testimony came an aggressive cross-examination from defense attorney Earl Gray. That portion of the video wasn't played Monday. While testifying about the events of that night, Castile's former girlfriend Diamond Reynolds shared new details of the night her significant other died and her Facebook Live video of the encounter became an worldwide point of interest.

Reynolds said she may not have been able to communicate effectively with officers immediately after the killing because there was "a lot going on" and she "hadn't grasped what had happened". The shooting of the black motorist generated national attention when the aftermath was streamed live on Facebook.

"I know that people are not protected against the police", she reportedly said. "I wanted to make sure if I died in front of my daughter that people would know the truth".

"So were you scared for your safety", Robinson asked her. "Guns were pointed in the vehicle", she said.

"I heard something fall out of his pocket... Please don't tell me my boyfriend just went like that". She filmed the incident because she feared she'd be shot next.

"If feasible, you should give a warning", Kauser said.

"That is correct", Reynolds said.

Yanez used car-to-car radio to alert his police partner, Joseph Kauser, that he meant to pull Castile over because he had a broken taillight and because Yanez thought he resembled the suspect in a recent armed robbery.

Kauser said he didn't see a gun from his vantage point on the passenger side of Castile's auto.

Authorities say that a man is dead after being shot by police Wednesday evening after being pulled over in a traffic stop.

Earlier Tuesday, Reynolds cried as squad vehicle video, her Facebook video and still images of Castile were shown.

"No, we look at the totality of the situation", Paulsen replied. "It might be suicide by cop".

Yanez's attorneys argue that his actions were reasonable in the presence of a gun.

Kauser said nothing alarmed him when he arrived at the stop. "Ask them if they have a right to have the gun".

Toward the end of his testimony, Kauser said he believed Yanez followed protocol.

He went on to describe to the jury in responses to the questions by Gray how unsafe traffic stops can be and how officers are trained to respond quickly.

Authorities later determined Castile had not been involved in the robbery.

Where was Castile's gun after the shooting?

"He continued to move, correct", Kauser said.

A Minnesota police chief is testifying in the manslaughter trial of his officer in the shooting death of a black motorist. As paramedics were rolling Castile onto a backboard, Toran said he saw the gun slide out of Castile's front right pocket.

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