Prank on Shah Rukh Khan goes wrong

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Video: Shah Rukh Khan loses cool during prank in Dubai, almost punches anchor

Here is the video of SRK getting pranked.

The video that is doing the rounds on the internet shows Shah Rukh Khan trapped in quicksand with TV presenter Nishan following an "accident". In it, Shah Rukh and a woman are semi-buried in a quicksand while a fearsome Komodo dragon crawls towards them.

The host (who also seems to be a fan of the star) was later seen pleading for forgiveness, but Shah Rukh paid no heeds to his appeal and got into his vehicle and left. However, when it was revealed that it was just a prank, he lost his cool on the anchor.

Most viewers were shocked to see Shah Rukh so furious, nearly violent, upon realising that he had fallen for the prank.

The host later uploaded a selfie with SRK on his Twitter account but its not confirm if the picture was taken before or after the prank. But now it has been confirmed that SRK was also acting on the show.

Have you seen the angry side of King Khan?

All three of them fall inside the pit but Khan is the only one acting practically.

Ramez keeps apologising to the actor, but an angry Shah Rukh pushes him to the ground. Khan asks. Even though the visibly anxious host can be seen expressing his love him, it doesn't help him much. Earlier, there were some reports that had claimed that Shah Rukh was paid as much as Rs 2 crore to be a part of the prank. To his annoyance, the superstar then sees Ramez Galal remove the costume of the Komodo Dragon and that is when SRK allgedly loses it. The show is being hosted by Ramez Galal this Ramadan and airs daily on MBC. When Ramez explained it was a prank, this is what SRK said-I don't want to know what the bloody show is called.

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