Ovation for Jeremy Corbyn as he returns to House of Commons

In a remarkable turnaround, scores of Labour MPs rose to applaud Corbyn as he entered the Commons chamber less than a year after they tried to move him with an unprecedented wave of resignations.

Corbyn also told MPs he wanted to learn lessons why they lost in some areas, and said he would be meeting candidates who lost their seats.

He told MPs: "So now the election is over, the next phase of our campaign to win power for the majority has already begun".

"The way in which Jeremy Corbyn and the supporters certainly threw themselves into this general election campaign, if only he'd shown that level of enthusiasm going into the referendum.we might be in a different place on that issue as well", the interviewee said.

We need to move beyond party politics now; it's a matter of what is right for the country.

The Labour leader said he would continue to campaign in marginal seats across the United Kingdom while opposing Theresa May's government in Westminster.

"We will continue to take the fight to the Tories and I will be out campaigning around the country in Conservative marginals in those extra seats we need to gain to deliver the government for the many that nearly 13 million people voted for last week".

"We are now a government in waiting and we must think and act at all times with that in mind". This is a government on notice.

Former critics praise his performance after costing prime minister Theresa May her majority.

Talks between the Conservatives and the DUP were paused this afternoon while the Commons sat - and Jeremy Corbyn was quick to make clear Labour were ready to offer "strong and stable leadership in the national interest" should an agreement not be reached.

Corbyn told his MPs he would spend the summer months campaigning in 65 Conservative marginals in anticipation of Britain going back to the polls.

Mr Corbyn is expected to make a short speech should Buckingham MP John Bercow be returned to the role. "Government is the aim".

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