NY Times: Trump Not Planning to Invoke Executive Privilege for Comey Testimony

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway says her team will be'watching with the rest of the world when fired FBI Director James Comey testifies – indicating the president won't block his appearance

Russian interference in US election: Former FBI chief Comey to testify next week

A White House official told Fox News the White House is reviewing whether or not to invoke executive privilege regarding Comey's expected testimony.

Trump unceremoniously fired Comey in early May, citing his handling of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state and the ongoing federal probe into Russia's interference in the USA election.

Comey: Well, the assessment of the intelligence committee was, as the summer went on and the polls appeared to show that Secretary Clinton was gonna win, the Russians sort of gave up and simply focused on trying to undermine her.

The White House faces a dilemma over whether to block Comey's highly anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is probing any ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

The President has said that Comey informed him three times that he was personally not under investigation.

The Justice Department and several us congressional committees are investigating the Russian Federation matter.

Executive privilege is a doctrine that has developed over time to allow a president to communicate freely with his Cabinet members and staff about national security issues and other sensitive matters without being concerned those discussions would be disclosed to Congress, the courts or the public. At the same time, he wants to know what really happened, adding that he trusts Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has been tasked with leading the DOJ's investigation in this matter, along with looking into whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians during the 2016 election. But legal experts have said that Mr. Trump has a weak case to invoke executive privilege because he has publicly addressed his conversations with Mr. Comey, and any such move could carry serious political risks. Early Wednesday morning, the president tweeted Witch Hunt! in reference to testimony by Comey and former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan before Congress on the topic.

Trump likely would argue that Comey's testimony involves confidential conversations or matters of national security.

It could be hard for the White House to invoke executive privilege in stopping James Comey from testifying.

Trump on Thursday renewed his allegation, without citing evidence, that his campaign communications were monitored, saying in a tweet: "The big story is the "unmasking and surveillance" of people that took place during the Obama administration".

Comey is set to testify on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee in open session and in private. "If Congress is investigating a potential interference with our elections and if the president had anything to do with it, then Congress and the public need to know", said Sollenberger.

"Does Mr. Comey agree that that is what was said?"

I would again repeat that his most recent sworn testimony had to be corrected nearly immediately, ' Conway said.

At meetings with top officials for various government departments this spring, Uttam Dhillon, a White House lawyer, told agencies not to cooperate with such requests from Democrats, according to Republican sources inside and outside the administration. Flynn was sacked after it was revealed that he mislead the Trump administration about his communications with a Russian envoy.

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