North Korean Drone Spied on US THAAD Missile Defense Site Before Crashing

The White House announced on Tuesday that U.S. President Donald Trump will host South Korean President Moon Jae-in late this month for talks on the Korean Peninsula's nuclear issue.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his administration have been largely critical of the arrival of THAAD systems in his country.

Unsophisticated drones, such as the ones used by North Korea, have steadily become an important issue for US troops around the world. A South Korean defense official told reporters Tuesday that the aircraft, likely belonging to North Korea, had taken over ten photographs of the US -built sophisticated anti-missile network. The official said more analysis was being conducted, including trying to determine if the drone had already transmitted the 10 photos of the THAAD site. According to officials, Tuesdays drone was similar to those found back then, such as their "low technology features".

The new president said that he will seek to solve North Korea's nuclear issue and pursue economic cooperation by building new "economic belts with North Korea", the report said.

South Korea's Unification Ministry said Monday that Seoul will "strongly respond to North Korea's missile provocations", but will also "flexibly review private-level inter-Korean exchanges" to try to reduce tensions without degrading the effectiveness of sanctions against the North. Moon's visit to the command came one month after his earlier visits to the Ministry of National Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff last month amid North Korea's unceasing missile launches.

The Korean War which broke out in 1950 was paused by a truce in 1953 but has never ended.

China strongly objects to the THAAD system saying its powerful radar can probe deep into its territory, undermining its security and upsetting a regional balance.

South Korean officials said the drones found in 2014 also were equipped with Japanese-made cameras and photographed South Korea's presidential Blue House and other areas. North Korea charges that these defectors were abducted while South Korea says they voluntarily fled.

The drone is now being analyzed to determine if it had sent to North Korea before it ran out of fuel and crashed, the AP reported.

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