New smart speaker expected as Apple kicks off conference

What to expect at Apple's 2017 developers conference?

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MacRumors reports that a new body or display is not expected as this low-priced notebook is largely replaced by the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

More interesting: Whether Apple will say anything more to the developer audience about its plans for the mea culpa Mac Pro. Unfortunately, the sources did confirm that at this point, Apple discontinued the MacBook Air. However, there are expectations from Apple to talk about at least one new product today.

We would also expect upgrades to the Split View multitasking app switcher although confirmation of that is yet to be spotted on an official channel.

The employees, whose information could not be verified, also told Reddit users that the company's Siri Speaker will come with an A9 processor. The MacBooks themselves may see a hardware refresh.

A high-end MacBook Pro supporting around 32GB RAM was rumored for late 2017 originally.

So the WWDC 2017 countdown begins. Bloomberg's Alex Webb writes Apple is "likely to unveil iPads" at WWDC, and so the iPad Pro seems the most likely candidate for a revamp. The new model will be similar to the already existing 9.7-inch iPad, but it will have a wider edge-to-edge display.

Other software updates expected to follow are new MacOS update, watchOS and tvOS.

A few announcements are nearly guaranteed, such as new updates for MacOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS, along with some surprise launches that most developers and consumers are keen to find out about.

Gene Munster, a venture capitalist at Loup Ventures and a longtime Apple watcher, said a home speaker would be a step in the right direction for Apple. These details are sketchy for what is thought to be an upcoming design overhaul of the operating system. While, the sensors will also allow the device to adjust the audio levels automatically; according to the room's acoustics. Interestingly the smart glass also features a small capacitive strip which can be used for accepting calls and also adjusting volume.

It wouldn't be the first time that Apple hopped on the bandwagon of a technology product popularized by a competitor.

Although sceptical that current Amazon Echo owners will switch over to the Apple speaker, analysts believe Apple may be able to bridge the gap.

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