More diversity, less booze: Key changes recommended to Uber

Travis Kalanick speaks to students during an interaction at the Indian Institute of Technology campus in Mumbai

Travis Kalanick speaks to students during an interaction at the Indian Institute of Technology campus in Mumbai

The report says that the company will convey the results of a probe conducted by Eric Holder, the former USA attorney general who Uber hired to look into allegations of harassment, discrimination and an aggressive culture.

The company has been under fire since February, when a former site reliability engineer, Susan Fowler, levelled numerous allegations of sexism against her former superiors in a lengthy blog post. The woman, who had worked for Uber between November 2015 and December 2016, had further alleged that the company's human resources department did not act on her accusations.

For the inquiry, Holder's team conducted more than 200 interviews with current and former employees and read through 3 million documents.

The plan also calls for increasing diversity and establishing a version of the NFL's "Rooney Rule" that would require Uber to include at least one female and one minority candidate in hiring for jobs and to include a woman and/or a minority on hiring panels.

What's more, even when Kalanick returns, his responsibilities would likely be reduced, The board has made a decision to accept all of the recommendations presented before it and among them, was one which said that Kalanick's responsibilities should be reduced and a COO found as soon as possible.

While "tone at the top, trust, transformation, and accountability" are proposed to be "remedial measures", the first specific recommendation regarding leadership changes is "review and reallocate the responsibilities of Travis Kalanick". Chief Business Officer Emil Michael, one of Kalanick's key lieutenants, left the company on Monday, according to a source familiar with the situation, a departure that news reports have tied to the Holder investigation.

Under Kalanick, Uber has disrupted the taxi industry in hundreds of cities and turned the San Francisco-based company into the world's most valuable startup. The report also recommends adding more independent directors and replacing its chairman, Uber co-founder Garrett Camp, with an independent chairman.

The board agreed, after several hours on Sunday to adopt all 10 recommendations given by law firm Covington & Burling LLP, where Holder and Albarrán are partners.

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Holder wrote in his report that Uber should "reformulate its written cultural values because it is vital that they reflect more inclusive and positive behaviors".

A culture change at Uber may be more hard than Holder envisions. The Kapors had previously blasted the company's culture. In the last four months, Uber lost a president and the heads of its autonomous driving unit, finance, mapping, policy, software engineering, and product and growth.

In an email to staff, Kalanick said he was taking some "time off from the day-to-day", giving no end to the for widely anticipated hiatus which comes after a hellish period of professional and personal turmoil for the CEO. He later apologized for the "disrespectful" comment in an email.

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