Minnesota officer acquitted in shooting of Philando Castile

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Philando Castile case verdict: Jeronimo Yanez not guilty

Friday afternoon, a jury found the St. Anthony, Minnesota police officer not guilty on all counts in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile last July.

Officer Yanez killed Castile in July, however, the second-degree manslaughter and lesser charges that the Minnesota police officer faced didn't stick when he was acquitted of all charges. Reynolds and her then-4-year-old daughter were in the auto when Castile was shot.

The case received immediate attention because Mr Castile's girlfriend streamed the aftermath live on Facebook.

During the trial, jurors heard testimony from dozens of witnesses, including Yanez, a police officer with St. Anthony, who cried on the stand while saying he did not want to shoot Castile.

Outside the courthouse, Valerie Castile said Yanez got away with "murder", noting that her son was wearing a seatbelt and in a vehicle with his girlfriend and her then-4-year-old daughter when he was shot.

Of thousands of fatal police shootings in the United States since 2005, 82 officers have been charged with murder or manslaughter, Stinson said.

Prosecutors have portrayed Yanez as a nervous officer who lost control of the traffic stop that day.

During the trial, prosecutors argued that Yanez never saw a gun and there was no reason for Castile to pull his gun out.

But Yanez's lawyer argued that Castile reached for his gun after the officer ordered him not to. Also, his defense attorneys made the argument that Castile was intoxicated with marijuana and mentioned that influenced his actions.

Allysza Castile, Philando's younger sister, was more resigned while speaking to reporters. Quick with a high-five for students and always eager to sneak kids extra graham crackers and other treats, Castile was known simply as "Mr. Phil". "#PhilandoCastile", she wrote. In connecting the very real and tragic death of Castile to the fictional yet tragic death of Poussey Washington, Taystee's best friend on OITNB, Brooks manages to drive home the severity of this verdict.

Officer Jeronimo (yeh-RON'-ih-moh) Yanez is charged in the death of 32-year-old Philando Castile. Within seconds, Yanez fired seven shots.

Squad-car video played for the jury shows a wide view of the traffic stop and the shooting, with the camera pointed toward Castile's vehicle.

The officer testified when he saw Castile's gun, "my family popped into my head".

Yanez, who is Latino, maintains he acted in self-defense after Castile ignored his orders and grabbed his pistol.

One such case involved Ray Tensing, a former University of Cincinnati police officer.

August 24: The St. Anthony Police Department says it put Yanez back on administrative leave after he had briefly returned to limited duty, citing "concerns and other feedback from the community".

The ACLU said that the jury's decision to acquit Yanez is "part of a disturbing national pattern of officers using execessive force against people of color, often during routine encounters". You shot four bullets into him, sir.

The jury, made up of two Black and 10 White people, began deliberations Monday (June 12).

"The city intends to offer Officer Yanez a voluntary separation agreement to help him transition into another career other than being a St. Anthony officer", the statement read.

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