Middle East Crisis : Saudi-led sanctions harsher than Berlin wall

Officials at Hamad port say that the ongoing spat between Gulf countries and Qatar may even help the latter seal new transport deals that do not rely on Gulf neighbours

IOC hopes Qatar row won't affect Gulf sports development

"We share our views to resolve this problem and remain impartial, but we say what is wrong without hesitation", he said on his return to Ankara from Kuwait on Thursday. They accuse Qatar of funding terrorism, fomenting regional unrest and cosying up to their enemy Iran, all of which Qatardenies.

The Government of the Gambia has refused to side with the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in their diplomatic offensive against Qatar. To consolidate his grip on power in Saudi Arabia, MBS needs success on regional, domestic and worldwide fronts. The United States has often complained to Qatar about these relationships, although proving terrorist financing to a legal standard has been more hard.

Rogin explained the conundrum facing the U.S.'s top diplomat: "Tillerson, who has decades of experience with Qatar, represents a large swath of the foreign policy and national security community who believe that Qatar has been a reliable albeit complicated ally supporting USA military operations".

Because of this, many were surprised to hear that Secretary of Defense James Mattis and the Defense Minister of Qatar met to put the finishing touches on an arms deal exceeding $21 billion dollars, a purchase of 36 American-made F15s.

The Egyptian leader praised Mr Trump for his role in forming "a united front to combat terrorism" after the US President showed support for cutting ties with Qatar.

Four ships from the US Navy took part.

And earlier this week the United States agreed a $12-billion sale to Qatar of "state-of-the-art" F-15 fighters.

Amidst increasingly heinous accusations of Russian election interference, growing dissidence amongst the domestic United States, and the ever-enduring Rodman-Kim romance saga hailed as soft diplomacy, President Trump finds himself beset on all sides by both danger and opportunity.

In addition, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain closed their airspace to Qatar, and asked Qatari diplomats to leave their territories within 48 hours. Again, Qatar is in dialogue with Russian Federation for political and military support.

Falahatpishe said what Iran did was based on "good neighborliness", adding that only time will tell how Iran-Qatar relations will develop. Failure to change should lead to consideration of relocating our military base, which is a benefit to Qatar's own security posture, to a more cooperative neighbor - although it would take many months to implement such a move.

But the shortages have eased with Turkey and Iran shipping in meat, fruit and vegetables.

So even if Trump wants to punish Qatar, it seems State and DOD have different views on this issue, and are taking active measures to ensure the relationship with Qatar stays relatively stable. Qatar hosts the vitally important Al Udeid airbase, where some 10,000 U.S. troops reside. But the current crisis is achieving the opposite, creating new fault lines between Arabs and pushing Qatar potentially closer to Iran. While that is certainly true, the same could be said of several other states in the region, including the one in which the president delivered his speech. Like so many USA officials who have worked on Middle East policy in the last two decades, I'm deeply familiar with the frustrating Qatari duality.

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