Microsoft adding OneDrive support to Apple's iOS 11 Files app

Apple iOS 11: Release date, device compatibility, key features and everything else you need to know

11 changes coming to iPhone with Apple's iOS 11

You won't get new system updates for iOS 10, either, although Apple will continue to release security updates for now. When you are driving you don't need to be responding to...messages.

Apple announced this week that it will soon add a new feature called "Do Not Disturb While Driving", which will be part of its new iOS 11, according to CNN Money. The bolder font in certain places really improves readability by a huge margin, especially in the Calendar app where the dates are extremely prominent compared to how they were in iOS 10 and before. Another feature of this app will be to display the files on one's other iOS devices, iCloud Drive, and also on third-party apps like Dropbox.

If you have an older iPhone, though, you might want to consider a hardware upgrade, too: iOS 11 is not compatible with the 2012 iPhone 5, the 4th-generation iPad, or the 2013 iPhone 5c.

The password autofill for apps feature might just use your fingerprint as an authentication instead of a password. Today we are starting with the most exciting things iOS 11 can do. If there is an arrow, tap it. It will automatically give them a prompt to follow the URL.

On the list of those with updates available, tap an affected app's name to go to its store page. This lets you see how the update will effect your library. You can select which notifications will come through from which people when this app is on.

Failing that, ask the developer directly through its website if there are plans for an update or a replacement app.

The Memories album now has automatic re-orientation in video playback when you flip your iPhone around.

But otherwise, even if an app is now shown as having problems with iOS 11, there's every chance it will still get that life-saving update. Speaking of which, the iOS 11, macOS High Sierra and tvOS 11 public betas will be available for public testers as well. The multitasking features introduced a couple of years ago in iOS 9 will get smarter-for instance, allowing you to easily return to a pair of apps you like to use on-screen at once rather than making you pull them up separately.

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