Merkel - Paris climate pact needed for sake of Mother Earth

"We think the Paris Accord reflects the widest agreement of the worldwide community with regards to climate change, and parties should cherish this hard-won outcome", Hua Chunying, ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson said at the regular ministry briefing on Friday.

Asian countries fear Trump's move will create a leadership void and leave the agreement, crafted painstakingly over years, at risk of unraveling. But how much damage will it inflict on global efforts to keep warming below 2°C? Its members undertake to reduce atmospheric emissions and conduct relevant technological changes in their industries.

In a phone call with the U.S. president shortly after his White House announcement, the Prime Minister stressed that the United Kingdom remained committed to the 2015 agreement, which aims to limit the rise in global temperatures caused by the use of carbon-based fuels by 2C.

The Kremlin responded with saying that it would be impossible to implement the program of the agreement without key participants. Yet, the Paris Agreement has no alternative.

Pravda.Ru requested an expert opinion on the subject from Sergei Semenov, director of the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology at the Russian Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Agency.

So thanks to a sensationalist press that helped give way to a nincompoop who can't even own up to a typo, much less a lack of understanding about climate change, the United States has pulled out of the Paris accord, which dims our light on the world stage and contributes to our own collective suffering. Once a reluctant actor on the environmental stage, China has been far more forthcoming about its intentions to cut emissions since the United States election in November.

"There is always a possibility for the country to participate either together with others or on an individual basis".

"I made a decision that I thought was in the best interests of our company and of our industry, to have an opportunity to express points of views directly to the president of the United States and to his administration", Iger said. "The way that the agreement is structured, the developed countries have to take the lead", he insisted.

Set aside the argument that walking out of the 2015 global deal to mitigate climate change is immoral. How effective these global efforts are going to be? The world is still emitting 40 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide each year and the U.S. is the second largest emitter. "If new discussions go forward in Paris, the president must ensure no tariffs are allowed on our oil, LNG, and coal exports. Russian Federation signed the document, but has not ratified it yet". "I think that speaks for itself". Remember that global emissions need to hit zero by 2070. This is a political agreement, and Russian Federation needs to promote its own interests there in the first place. Last month, President Xi Jinping hosted more than 20 world leaders for a show case of its economic initiative to build infrastructure linking Asia and Europe.

"How serious is the problem of global warming?". As for consequences, they depend on each and every country. However compelling, that point rests on assumptions Trump plainly does not share: that climate science is real and that rich countries should not ruin the lives of the world's poorest people. Global warming affects Russian Federation differently from one region to another. A panel of leading climate scientists found in 2014 at least a 95-percent probability that man-made greenhouse gas emissions have caused most of the warming since around 1950. That is well short of the country's Paris pledge to reduce emissions by 26% over the same period. Yet, is it enough to contain the growth of global temperature by not more than two degrees compared to the regional level?

That may be temporary: It is still possible that Trump's announcement on Thursday will amount to a blip in history, a withdrawal that takes so long - four years - that it could be reversed after the next presidential election.

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