Life is odd is going back Before the Storm

Life is Strange prequel

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Prequel Revealed; New Developer Explains the Game's Direction

Later, it was speculated that Colorado-based developer Deck Nine was also working on a Life is unusual game. Beyond the Storm's first episode will be available on August 31 for Xbox One, PS4 & PC.

As Life Is Strange fans probably already know, Chloe goes through a lot of personal issues after her father's death, and that's extremely evident in Before the Storm's trailer.

Deck Nine Games are an independent videogame developer devoted to bringing together two passions; meaningful storytelling and rich gameplay.

Fans of Life is unusual will certainly be pleased to find that more of the story is on its way. Ther's nothing to suggest that this will be an Xbox One exclusive despite the fact that the game premiered during Microsoft's conference.

Square Enix is also offering a $24.99 Deluxe Edition that will come with a bonus episode, "Farewell", that will allow players to take the role of Life is odd protagonist Max Caulfield "one last time".

Little has been revealed beyond that that we will be returning to the franchise, though it seems that the game will be just as full of time travelling teenage hijinks (mainly thwarting untimely deaths) and multi-coloured hair.

In the trailer, Chloe is shown at several memorable locations from Life Is Strange including the junkyard, Blackwell Academy, the local train track and her poster-decorated room. But it will predominantly focus on Rachel and Chloe before Rachel's disappearance, which was a plot point in the original Life Is Strange. The three main episodes of the game will involve Chloe's story in between Max's move away from Arcadia Bay and her return during the events of the first Life is unusual. Also, there's anarchist symbol in the game's logo.

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