Lenovo teases 25th anniversary ThinkPad with "throwback" features

Lenovo teases 25th anniversary ThinkPad with

Lenovo teases 25th anniversary ThinkPad with "throwback" features

The concept's diagram shows that we'll be able to use voice commands and a stylus to navigate around the laptop of the future.

We've already seen all these features make their way to laptops separately from various manufacturers, with voice-control in particular becoming a prominent PC technology thanks to digital assistants like Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana.

You can watch the ThinkPad concept's brief appearance at the Lenovo Transform event in the video below (here's a direct link to the part in question) where it receives a notably muted reception from those in attendance.

The laptop concept does not feature a hinge and instead folds right across the flexible display.

The foldable laptop concept that was shown by the company seems to have three major highlights. Further, the bendable laptop will be designed and manufactured using advanced materials and new screen technologies. It's interesting to note, however, that Lenovo still includes the keyboard and mouse in its future concept.

Lenovo has not been very successful in the phone market even after the Motorola acquisition, but personal computers are definitely its strong suit. The Chinese company also showcased a tablet that folds in two to look just like a book. It isn't the first time the company has teased bendable technology.

Samsung is also working on a smartphone with a flexible display, dubbed the Galaxy X. Reports suggest the South Korea company might announce the device later this year.

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