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Trump Second-Guesses Justice Dept. Appeal in Travel Ban Case, Wants 'Much Tougher Version'

Trump wants 'expedited hearing' on 'watered down travel ban'

Trump says the Justice Department should ask for an "expedited hearing" on the second ban and "seek much tougher version!"

As a candidate, Trump called for a "total and complete shutdown" of Muslim immigration to the United States, and Justice Department lawyers have gone to great lengths to avoid calling it a "travel ban" in court, referring to it as a "temporary pause" or simply "the executive order".

He followed that tweet up with more posts to state that revisions to the travel ban are "watered down" and "politically correct". "We will do whatever it takes to help them moving forward", Conway said.

The first executive order banned entry to people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan for 90 days and indefinitely banned refugees from Syria, while giving exceptions to religious minorities.The revised order dropped Iraq from the list, changed the Syrian refugee ban to 120 days and removed the religious exception. A federal court in Boston actually upheld that first version of the order on the grounds that the president had sweeping authority to designate classes of aliens that could be excluded from the country, and that the courts did not have authority to dictate national security policy.

Conway has only tweeted 93 times and the last time was in December 2015, when he retweeted a video about the New York Giants.

The revised order would require a 90-day halt from many people seeking to enter the US from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen - all countries that Congress and the administration of former President Barack Obama identified as having connections to terrorism.

In court, DOJ lawyers were asked if the White House was proceeding with drafting the vetting measures. Opponents of the travel ban have until June 12 to submit arguments about why the court should not reinstate the ban while considering the case.

The administration has argued that the order is not a travel ban, but rather a temporary moratorium to allow for the establishment of proper USA vetting procedures.

Those tweets received some scolding from George Conway, the husband of Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway. The revised version also seeks a 120-day ban on Syrian refugees rather than the indefinite ban of the previous version, and it explicitly exempts permanent residents who hold "green cards".

However, Trump contradicted her when he tweeted hours later. It needs a compelling case to win a certain number of votes in order to be heard in the Supreme Court. It was also blocked in the courts.

CNN had been told previously Trump was expected to nominate Conway to run the Justice Department's civil division, which handles legal challenges to major administration initiatives, or even solicitor general.

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