Jennifer Lawrence unhurt after private jet incident

Jennifer Lawrence safe after private jet forced to make emergency landing

Jennifer Lawrence is OK After Plane's Engines Failed During Flight

Jennifer Lawrence has walked away without any injury from a harrowing flight in which her private plane reportedly underwent double-engine failure, according to E!.

It is understood that Lawrence from flying from Louisville, Kentucky, where she had been visiting family, when one of the engines failed at 31,000 feet in the air.

During the emergency landing the pilots were making in NY, the other engine failed as well. Luckily, the plane safely land in Buffalo, New York.

No doubt such a terrifying moment up in the sky...

The Oscar victor was flying back having visited her family in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday.

As first reported by E!

The Oscar victor left the alarming incident uninjured, her rep confirmed, despite emergency vehicles awaiting the plane as it landed. The plane was met with emergency vehicles upon landing. The plane was heading from Louisville, Ky., to the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

Ganyard also said that both engines failing on a plane clearly shows potential for disaster.

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