Is Atari Working On A New Console? Yes It Is Confirms CEO

Atari confirms new game console in the works

Is Atari Working On A New Console? Yes It Is Confirms CEO

The initial video said the product was "years in the making", so we're excited to see what the once-dominant firm has in store. Either way, The Escapist had confirmation from the CEO of Atari, Fred Chesnais, that the company are getting back into the Hardware business.

Atari's CEO said Ataribox will be based on PC technology and more details regarding the design will be revealed at a later date. The video showed close up shots of what seemed like a retro console with wood paneling, quite like the legendary Atari 2600 itself.

Twenty years ago, Atari was a name synonymous with video game hardware, known as industry pioneers for their various different home computing releases.

As it turns out, the teaser was legit and Atari is indeed making a new game console. As it stands, it looks as if Atari could be planning to create a throwback console, with a selection of their classic games, not too dissimilar to the Nintendo NES Classic, which saw huge success previous year.

The new AtariBox is a big deal for the company that has been put through various obstacles in the past that also includes filing bankruptcy in 2013. Chesnais said that Atari's revival is well under way. Consider the fact that Microsoft is one of the most successful companies in the world, it spent $100 million just developing the Xbox One's controller, and it's still in third place.

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